Baseline Shield Relase Notes

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v10.10 Build#2701897738

What is New
The following are the new features and bug fixes in the new build:
Windows 10 compatibility support.
Add an option to use Windows Volume Shadow Service (VSS) to create new snapshots.
Move license authentication to the Subsystem.
Add a check in the subsystem to automatically defrag snapshots when free space is below 10GB.
Add Enab/Disable options.
Mid release cycle GUI facelift.

Known Issues
The following are known problems or bugs in the current release:
Baseline Shield needs to be uninstalled or disabled before installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update. For more information about this issue, please see this KB article:
Why do I need to uninstall or disable Baseline Shield before installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Product Limitations
The following limitations still exist in Baseline Shield v10.10:
Server Support – Baseline Shield is a Windows PC based product, it is not designed to work on Windows servers.
Booting From an External Media (OS) – Baseline Shield cannot protect a hard drive when changes are made to the hard drive from an external or foreign (Windows or non-Windows) operating system bypassing Baseline Shield device drivers. For example, booting from a CD-ROM based Windows PE or booting from a multiboot O.S. (without properly installing Baseline Shield drivers in each O.S.) will start a different OS before Baseline Shield driver is loaded, that could change the hard drive data without acknowledging the existence of Baseline Shield snapshots on the hard drive and produce unpredictable results.
Disk Encryption Programs that Intercept Low-Level Disk I/O – Baseline Shield may have conflict with some applications that proxy low-level disk I/O.
Dual Boot of Windows and Linux OS on the Same Hard Drive – Baseline Shield does not support systems that have multiple Windows Operating Systems with non-Windows Operating System (like Linux) loaded on the same hard drive.
O.S. Upgrade - Before upgrading Windows O.S. such as upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10, you must first uninstall Baseline Shield.