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PC Undo - Instantly undo your PC problems
What is 1-Click Restore
Every serious computer user needs a system disaster recovery strategy to recover from a system crash which could happen at any minute. The current popular system disaster recovery strategy is the following:
1. Use a system backup software such as Norton Ghost to periodically backup system to backup images.
2. Store the images on an external drive.
3. Create a bootable recovery CD/DVD disc.
4. In the event of system crash, boot from the  recovery disc, find the external drive and restore the backup images to recover the computer.

1-Click Restore streamlines the current popular disaster recovery strategy from several steps to 1 click.  Based on Eazy Image disk imaging technology, 1-Click restore silently and continuously creates and updates a backup of your Windows system in a backup partition. In the case you need to restore your system, you can access the system backup images by pressing a hotkey, embedded in the partition tables, during startup. 1-Click Restore, the system recovery for dummies.

1-Click Restore Features

  • Multi-language interface support
  • Support Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.
  • Easy to setup and easy to configure.
  • Backup system without interrupting your work in progress
  • Compressed and encrypted backup images
  • Automatic backup using scheduled tasks
  • Open backup image as virtual drives for file recovery
  • Partition table embedded boot menu for restore system when Windows O.S. fails to boot.
  • Detailed event logs

1-Click Restore Highlights
Setup and forget it - Setup 1-Click Restore and take an initial 5 minutes to configure the program, then you can forget about it. 1-Click Restore will do the reset day after day.

Real-time Complete System Backup - All your applications remain online during the system backup backup. 1-Click Restore performs hot backup and protects your system without interrupting your working process.

Easy and Fast System Restore - The name 1-Click restore says it all. Anyone who can read can restore his/her computer system from disaster.

Restore from total system failure - Not just restore from software glitches or file corruptions,  1-Click Restore is still there even if you have a total Windows system failure.


PC Undo - Instantly undo your PC problems

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